Spring, Spring, Spring!

So it is finally springtime in Vermont and that means many lovely things like flowers in my room whenever I want them but it also means many months of mud ahead. Everything is beginning to flower and the campus gets more glorious by the day.

Unfortunately my window overlooks the street but there is still a beautiful pear tree right in front that squirrels like to climb up and down and eat the blossoms.

The other day I just sat and watched this little guy for at least half an hour. I will never get over my love of rodents, they are just so wonderfully cute.

Hurray for the end of winter!



Springtime in Vermont: a Trip to the Tubs

Yesterday my dear friends Ainsley and Sara and I went on an adventure to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There is a stream that runs through a series of rocky cliffs and creates waterfalls and swimming holes in Pownal, Vermont that is called “The Tubs.”

It took us a long time to find where to park because it is not marked and the path is not readily visible from the road. We  ended up following the stream, wading through the freezing water until we finally found the path.

We spent the whole afternoon lounging, drinking beer and mascato and wading in the water (we were too wimpy to do any real swimming since the water was still unbearably cold from the winter). The weather was beautiful though, not hot but somewhere in the upper ’60, my favorite kind of weather.

We even made some friends along the way (this frog was huge and kept popping in and out of the water while we watched). We met a group of townie boys on the rocks and they showed us how (if the water was warmer) you can jump off of the rocks into the pools because they are so deep.

Finally we left as it began to get dark and stormy and drove to Williamstown, MA for sushi. What a glorious day!


Stopping By Woods On A (Somewhat) Snowy Afternoon

The other day I took a long walk with some wonderful people through the woods of Bennington and watched as the snow melted in the afternoon heat. This time of year always seems so strange, everything poised in some unsure middle-ground between Winter and Spring. Just waiting.

We walked on dried, dead leaves that only months ago tourist came from all over to marvel at. Bennington in the Winter is very different from the Fall, or the Spring. I have never lived anywhere before that had such marked seasons; even if Winter has a tendency to linger on and on.

despite the cold nights and occasional snow fall, the Canada Geese have found their way back and soon enough we’ll be fighting them off the paths and watching their little fuzzy goslings grow. I cannot wait for Spring, it’s my favorite time of year! Especially as this is my last Bennington Spring.




Today was just…not great. Struggling with grad interviews, job applications, and everything else in between doesn’t make a month as tough as February go any faster. February is always a month where I feel like things aren’t moving fast enough (weather, school, expectations I place on myself).

Maybe when I start balancing my weeks between home and interning in NYC everything will feel more in place.

I miss my friends. I miss Vermont. I miss running in the spring. I miss seeing actual stars outside. I miss cooking food in a crowded kitchen while drinking beer with people I love.Image


Thank god for Kate Arend’s Pity Party instructions. 




Valentine’s Day Brunch

First of all, Valentine’s Day is NOT one of my favorite holidays. When I hear the words Valentine’s and Day in sequence my mind immediately jumps the the word “massacre”. Maybe it has something to do with being a history student. I generally find Valentine’s Day somewhat depressing, not because I mind being single or dateless, even when I have Valentine’s plans I feel somewhat apathetic. I generally tend to fall a little way up the non-comformest side of the scale and sometimes have trouble justifying ridiculous holidays to myself. However, this Valentine’s Day surprisingly nice.

I made plans to go out to brunch with my friend Brendan at my favorite breakfast place in Bethesda: the Old Georgetown Grille. I like it because not only is the food great but everything about the restaurant is relaxing. It is decorated with an excess of fake flowers and thick flowery curtains as far as the eye can see. The majority of costumers and waiters are elderly, kind-looking people who smile affectionately at you and call you “Hon”. It is lovely.

I ordered Special #2: fried eggs with toast, home fries, bacon and sausage and of course lots of coffee.

Brendan got  a veggie omelet. After brunch we walked to Barnes and Noble and browsed and read passages from all the most ridiculous books we could find and then spent a long time creating our dream beach-side home out of duplos in the children’s section.

(The little girl pictured then promptly destroyed all our dreams by knocking over our lovely creation).

Finally Brendan had to go to work so I walked over to Petsmart and visited the kittens (I do this too often) and then went home to finish packing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

– B


Happy Hearts Day!

So, i absolutely love valentine’s day. I don’t take it seriously, but it’s really just a good excuse for me to get out craft paper, eat candy, and decorate things in pink. And take advantage of florist sales. Plus, it’s just an annual reminder that you should make an effort to do sweet gestures to people you care about (but all the time. not like, just in february).

I made some cookies using Martha’s vanilla dough recipe:

I did royal icing for the cookies…which i actually hate working with. is it just me or does it not spread evenly ever??

BTW, also be sure to check out Sweet Hearts (a collaboration btwn Priscilla Ahn & Charlie Wadhams).

Hope your V-day is great! Here are some photos and links from around the internetz that I can’t help sharing ❤

Valentine’s day craft from Nat the Fat Rat.

Perfect reminder!

Decorating inspiration from Love Stru.ck

Easy candy recipe!

Dinner (This is perfect because you can customize the pizza ANY way you want. I’d probably do mozzarella, sausage, and a ton of roasted veggies)

Nothing beats red velvet cupcakes.

And if you aren’t in the mood… 



Book Club Meeting

Today was a busy day. It started out with a trip to the dentist. I am rather fond of going to the dentist because they never fail to compliment my perfect teeth (hygienically, not orthodontically; the mystery of my wonderful dental hygiene is one that must be due to genetics because I certainly don’t take any better care of my teeth than your average American). Anyway, the dental technician sadistically forced metal gadgets into my mouth to take x-rays for a painfully long time (I have evaded the dentist for the last few years so they had to take a lot of x-rays) while mournfully wailing about her lack of Valentine’s day plans and the perils of single adulthood. I felt pretty bad even through the extreme pain she was inflicting upon my gums. Anyway, the dentist then came along and told me I had wonderful teeth and sent me home with a goodie bag full of floss, toothpaste and a shiny purple toothbrush so all was well.

I spent the afternoon packing and then Molly and I went shopping for ingredients. My mother was hosting her monthly book club and we offered to cater. We bought some simple ingredients and spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and then cleaning up.

I made peanut butter cookies (Betty Crocker recipe) and decorated them with hearts made out of upside-down chocolate chips.

We put out hummus and pita chips (my favorite!) I lovvvvvvve pita chips, they are incredible, maybe I am over-reacting but I think they are completely amazing. I can never stop eating them when they are put in front of me so I try to avoid them except on special occasions.

Molly made lovely turkey meatballs with chopped onion and worcester sauce (also from the Betty Crocker Cookbook). They were yummy and we paired them with cheese and crackers and skewered them with toothpicks.

I made a batch of snickerdoodles, possibly the world’s ugliest but most basic and delicious cookie.

Lastly I chopped up some vegetables and put out a tiny container of salad dressing to dip them in and voilá, a nicely catered, very easy  meal! So fun, so cute and so easy. All my mother’s book club friends were impressed!

– B